Untitled 15

This piece is created through the collection of shed hair, which was collected over a period of a year and a half from various people. The use of the line becomes a physical representation of time, which is elongated in this linear form to represent the tedious process of collection. The line also represents the idea of lineage and history. Since my work explores the history of Black hair from pre-slavery in Africa to current day in America, I see this piece being the line connecting these two points in history.

Compositionally, the 40-foot line becomes demanding as it disrupts the space. In its presence the piece forces the viewer to walk around, over it, look up to it. The work creates an interaction where you must acknowledge the work and adjust yourself to be an observer. It demands you respect it, and resultantly respect the Black body.

  • Date 2014-15
  • Type human hair and thread (hair collected from numerous Black women for 2 years)
  • Dimensions 40 feet