History Paper Portraits

History Paper Series: In this series I take human and break it down into pulp, forcing it to take on a new identity foreign to its natural textured properties of human hair. The pulp is then formed into thin stiff sheets of paper. Finishing the process I silk screen images of relatives born in the 19th and early 20th century into the surface of the hair sheets. In this process I construct two sets of documents. Not only does the sheet act as a abstract document holding the DNA and history of those people the hair once grew from, but I am bringing forth the images from my family line. Printing self on self.

  • Image 1 And Don’t You Forget It, 13 x 19, silk screen on hair made into paper 2018
  • Image 4 Fadeyi, 9 x 14.5, silkscreen on hair made into paper
  • Image 5 Uprooted, 30 x 17, hair made into paper, thread, silk screen, artificial braids