Jane/ Mother of J. H. Lee/ Died Feb 15, 1909/ Age 85 yrs/ Gone to Fairer Land/ of Pleasure & Love/ To Join the Bright Band of Angels Above
10 x 30 in (lxh)
True Blue Plantation cemetery soil, human hair from Cheryl Person & Tierra H.

In Memory of K Smalls died 19?? HFS
Gas fire
17 x 12.2 in (h x w)
True Blue Plantation Cemetary soil, South Carolina gold rice

In Memory of Pirecie McCory, Born 1843, Died June 10 1933, In Thy Place to Stand, HFS Pit fire
True Blue Plantation Cemetery soil, South Carolina gold rice, human hair
10 x 20 in (lxh)

In Memory of Henry Patterson, Born 1871, Died 8.30.1936, Someone I Have Loved Has Gone Away, And Left Me Lonely Day by Day, I Often Think of His Return, But I Know That His Stay Was Just Begun. At Rest
Pit fire
19.5 x 24 in (lxh)
True Blue Cemetery soil, human hair from Kelsey Jackson 2021

Memory of William Ravenel Sr 1860 - 1953 RIP
Pit fire
12 x 7.5 x 14.75 in (lxwxh)
True Blue Plantation Cemetery soil, Human hair from Linda Street & Juel Ferdinand